Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Humboldt County Wedding Venues

The time has come at last! You are marrying the person of your dreams. You and your spouse-to-be decide there would be no better place to profess each others love in front of your friends and family than in a setting that many refer to as “nature’s cathedral”… California’s Majestic Redwoods Coast.
7a6a4920981b5117d8d6e3fd5fd092a9Perhaps you will wed on a pristine beach, or nestled in the redwood forest itself surrounded by the tallest trees in the world. But wait, Humboldt County has fabulous vineyards and gorgeous orchards as well. There are practically endless options for perfect Humboldt County wedding venues. Whether its beach, forest, or even a Victorian mansion, Humboldt has the perfect wedding venue for you and your sweetheart.

If you are needing a space for the actual ceremony, the reception, maybe both, or even just space to accommodate all of your out-of-town guests, Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals is the perfect place to start your search. With some of the most breathtaking homes in Humboldt County many of their listings make for ideal wedding and reception locations. These upscale vacation homes offer privacy, spectacular ocean and forest views, and can also accommodate large groups such as your wedding party.

Great for large weddings of 50 or more people

Oyster Beach is a 14-Acres Historic Homestead that features a 1-Mile long stretch of secluded private beach and There are 3 separate vacation rentals on the property.




These spectacular units, featured in Sunset Magazine, can be rented together to accommodate larger groups & events.

Whale Rock, Humboldt County Wedding Venue

Whale Rock is another beautiful property located on the exclusive Patrick’s Point Drive area which is about two miles north of the village of Trinidad, and 3 miles south of Patrick’s Point State Park.



Whale Rock consists of 3 Separate Luxury 2 & 1 Bedroom Suites that can be rented together to accommodate smaller more intimate gatherings. This home features an expansive yard directly above the Pacific and a private stairway down to wild, rocky beach. You may even catch a glimpse of migrating whales on your special day at the right time of year!

Pink Lady, Eureka CA. Victorian Wedding Venue

The famous Pink Lady, a Victoria Era Mansion in the heart of Old Town Eureka, offers the classic charm that many envision for their wedding day. This immaculate Victorian home features all of the ornate detailing you would expect in a home from this era.


Outdoor-recetio-ideas-Tented-wedding-receptionThe Pink Lady also has a large, beautifully landscaped yard that is absolutely perfect for an intimate wedding. Talk about fairy tales!

Make your magical union even more magical with one of these perfect Humboldt County wedding venues!

Contact Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals for more information about additional Humboldt County wedding venues

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