Vacationing in the California Redwoods

Vacation Redwood Coast
Take a trip to the Redwood Coast… You may just be surprised.

VACATIONING IN HUMBOLDT COUNTY?……It is amazing how many times I have heard this inquisitive tone come across when I tell people that I work for a vacation rental company in this remote, far north stretch of the California coastline.

“So, people are actually into vacationing in Humboldt County” they ask? Why yes, they are, and I am here to tell you some of the wonderful reasons why.

It always takes me by surprise when people are shocked that Humboldt County has an alive and thriving tourism industry. I myself first moved to the area more than a decade ago from a land of traffic and smog, looking for a more relaxed lifestyle and a place where there are more trees than people. Although it was Humboldt State University that first landed me in the region, it was the astounding abundance of nature and pure beauty that kept me here all of these year. And I just might be onto something when I say that this may be what brings many visitors to Humboldt County as well. From my experience, just like myself, they never seam to be disappointed.

Vacation Rentals Near Redwood National Park
Vacation Near Redwoods

Home of Redwood National and State Parks, a stunning coastline with countless beaches to explore, mountains and rivers galore, and pretty much some of the quaintest little towns that you will ever see, Humboldt County is truly a vacationers paradise. Whether you are a rough and tough adventure seeker, a family traveling with children, a couple of lovebirds seeking a romantic getaway, or group of friends looking to get out of town for a bit, there is definitely something special that the Redwood Coast has for you and your party. While to many it is obvious, for those who remain skeptical, here is just a few quick reminders of what a magical place we have here on the beautiful coast of Northern California….

Redwood National Park
Redwood National Park

Redwood National Park

This park alone is a huge draw for tourism in Humboldt County bringing in over 418,000 visitors annually. This park features rare old growth Redwood forests found no other place on the entire planet. These temperate rainforest may not be as exotic as the amazon, but they do present a certain unparalleled beauty, as well as the tallest trees on Earth and magnificent array of wildlife, including the majestic Roosevelt Elk.

Humboldt County Beaches
Humboldt County Beaches

Beautiful Beaches 

Humboldt County is full of wild and scenic beaches as well. With over 100 miles of coastline you can find all different types of beaches to explore. While they may not be tropical, they are seriously some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. See a list of the Top 10 Beaches in Humboldt County here. 

Trinity River, Humboldt County CA
Trinity River, Humboldt


If playing in the river all day, soaking up the mountain sun, fishing, river rafting or kayaking are your things, here is yet another reason to pay us a visit on the Redwood Coast. There are actually 6 rivers within Humboldt County alone (Eel River, Van Duzen River, Klamath River, Trinity River, Mad River, and the Smith River).  All of these pristine rivers mean plenty of swimming holes and river spots to explore.

Victorian Village of Ferndale
Victorian Village of Ferndale

The Towns of Humboldt County

From well-preserved turn of the century Victorian villages such as Ferndale (dubbed one of America’s prettiest towns), to quaint seaside fishing villages perched atop of rocky cliffs overlooking the Redwood forest and sandy beaches, to college towns and bustling Old Town districts, the various locations of Humboldt County are not only diverse and unique, but full of a rich history, architecture, and beauty that many vacationers long to discovery. See details on towns located throughout Humboldt County here.

Taste @ Humboldt Bay Tourism Center
Taste, Eureka CA

Local Cuisine

Foodies get ready because Humboldt County’s cuisine is renowned for its freshness as well as it deliciousness. The term locavore might as well have been coined here. With a wide array of organic and sustainable farms, the vast Pacific ocean, and countless meat and dairy farmers, Humboldt is a foodies paradise. The Arcata Farmers Market, held every Saturday, is a great way to sample all the goods that get produced in the area, but many Humboldt County restaurants also take great pride in featuring locally produces ingredients, seeing as they are so readily available. If you plan your trip accordingly you can even catch some foodie festivities as the area features a few different annual festivals that showcase local faves, such as the famous Arcata Oyster Festival. Dining in Humboldt County is always an adventure for your tastebuds, and I have not even mentioned all of the fabulous locally produced beers and wines available to pair with….yum!

 Find More Thing to Do on the Redwood Coast

So the answer is yes, people do take trips to Humboldt County, they take them often, and in doing so, they discover all of the above and so much more while here.

Prairie Beach Home, Orick
Prairie Beach Home, Orick

With so many visitors coming to the area, Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals realized there was a need to offers travelers a home away from home while on the Redwood Coast. Wanting nothing more than to share the beauty of Humboldt County with the rest of the world, RCVR quickly entered into the forefront of the tourism industry here with their unique and diverse set of lodging options that offer guests all of the comforts that great vacation homes can possibly provide.

Bayview Suite @ Oyster Beach
Bayview Suite, Eureka

Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals is now the premier vacation rental company in Humboldt County, offering wonderful cottages, cabins, beach houses, condos, modern lofts, studios,  large estates, and basically whatever type of accommodation your style of travel requires. So it is highly recommended to just skip the hotel scene while visiting the Redwood Coast and live like a local by checking out the 100+ vacation homes made available in Humboldt County by Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals.

Also, it is not too late to book a stay with Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals for this fall and take advantage of A special promo on last minute bookings! See more details here and book soon.
The serene splendor of the Redwood Coast and all of its magic await you!

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