The Kinetic Sculpture Race of Northern California

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Kinetic Sculpture Race, CA

Memorial Day weekend on the Redwood Coast is not quite like any other. For over 45 years now a human powered art race makes it way through Humboldt County over this 3 day holiday weekend. The Kinetic Sculpture Race of Northern California features huge pieces of unique and interesting people-propelled art. These contraptions travel 42 miles along land, sand, water and mud, to compete for nothing more than glory. It is quite the spectacle to be seen.

It all began back in 1969 when artist Hobart Brown challenged Ferndale artist Jack Mays to a race down Ferndale’s Main street. Since, the Kinetic Sculpture Race event has grown and has now became an annual attraction that draws people from all over the world every Memorial Day weekend.

13179266_987195534649955_2144936198630747155_nDay 1 of this Kinetic Grand Championship, otherwise known as the “Triathlon of the Art World, begins at noon on Saturday in downtown Arcata. This kick off is a great opportunity to spectate as all of the racers make their way around the plaza square so you can get an up close and personal view of these unique vehicle (a great way for families with children to attend). The Kinetic Sculpture race then make its way to the Manila Dunes for a sand trek!

Kinetic Sculture Race, Humboldt County CA
Kinetic Sculture Race, CA

Day 2 begins at the waterfront in Eureka, CA on the Humboldt Bay, where “Kinetic Pilots” put their crafts floating abilities to the test. And finally, on Day 3 the racer make their way from the mouth of the Eel River, through Morgan slough, and back onto dry land where they then cross the finish line on historic Main street of the Victorian Village of Ferndale, CA.

228129_204784606224389_2827416_nAnybody can sign up to participate in the Kinetic Sculpt Race as long as they have an idea, the ability to make it come to life, and a good team to help it all move along. But honestly, it is almost equally as fun to just watch these works of art pedaling along roads, the beach, and Humboldt Bay! As Hobart Brown himself put it, it’s all about “Adults having fun so children will desire to grow older.”

Arcata, CA Vacation Rentals
Arcata, CA Vacation Rentals

Words can’t fully describe so see more at Kinetic Grand Championship Video or better yet started planning to see the race in person this Memorial Day Weekend which falls on May 27, 28, 29, of 2017. Check out vacation rentals Northern California style for the perfect Memorial Weekend getaway.

Eureka, CA Vacation Rentals
Eureka, CA Rentals

Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals offers a wide array of northern California vacation homes from Arcata, CA vacation rentals to Eureka, CA vacation rentals and more.


See more of the Kinetic Sculpture Race Here

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Kinetic Sculture Race, Northern California

Winter Travel in the Redwoods – Low Rates & More

Low Rates on Trinidad, CA Vacation Rentals - Explore the Redwood Coast
Low Rates on Humboldt Vacation Rentals – Explore the Redwood Coast this Winter

Winter travel in the Redwoods definitely comes with perks. The climate remains mild on the coast during winter months. You can find yourself at Redwood National Park where crowds are far fewer than in the Summer. You can cozy up by a fireplace or head out to a secluded beach to watch winter waves crash during a storm or gray whales passing by in late winter. But perhaps best of all, you can take advantage of the low seasonal lodging rates offered during this magical time of the year.

Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals offers quaint cottages, large ocean view estates, downtown lofts, and cozy cabins for winter travel in the redwoods. With rates are as low as $70 /night for amazing vacation homes, December through March can be one of the best times of the year to stay.

Featured Rentals: 

3167250510-1Prairie Beach Home @ Redwood Nat’l Park – From $125 / Night – Beautiful Farm Setting with Ocean & Beach Views and a mile and a half walk through horse prairies, along the shores of Redwood Creek, to a beautiful beach.



Coastal Calm – From $150 /Night –  Stylish, 2 Bedroom Home for Family Vacation or Extended Stay. Located at the North end of McKinelyville, close to the beach and beach trail & 10 minutes north to Trinidad or south to Arcata.


1160350974Whalesong Ocean View Home – From $195/ Night – Crafted of heart redwood, Whalesong House is a charming two-story home with three cozy bedrooms in the heart of Trinidad, CA.


5008010483Strawberry Creek Retreat – From $70 /Night – Strawberry Creek is a perfect little studio cottage just minutes from the ocean. Perfect for a couples getaway to the Redwood Coast!


Winter Travel Ideas & Annual Winter Events on the Redwood Coast

Humboldt Movie Theaters – Next Level Entertainment

Arcata's Famous Minor Theater
Arcata’s Minor Theater, America’s Oldest Cinema

Our beloved Humboldt movies theaters have taken entertainment to a new level. With the trend of dine-in (and drink-in) luxury cinemas beginning to spread across the nation, Arcata’s landmark theater are getting on that bus.

Luxury Dine In Cinemas
Luxury Dine In Cinemas

I went to see a movie with family members while in Los Angeles this past summer. This was not your average movie theater with butter slathered popcorn, hot dogs, and candy. No. It was a full fledged dining and drinking entrainment experience. We ordered margaritas and a huge chef-created grilled chicken salad, all while watching Finding Dori on the big screen. Aiming to position themselves as “luxury theaters”, many traditional movie theater chains are beginning to offer gourmet menus and full bars as a way to enhance the movie-going experience. While I was still blown away by the fantastic offerings of this luxury theater in the big city, it was not an idea all too foreign to me, as we have these same offerings available in my little college town of Arcata in Northern California, only with a more interesting twist.

Humboldt Movie theaters are also taking things to the next level with great food and drink options, however they are doing so in a super unique way. Two theaters in Arcata, California not only offer these amenities, they also offer a rich piece of history that is unparalleled by the newly constructed mega cinemas of major metropolises.

The Minor in 1914
The Minor in 1914

Arcata’s Minor Theater, first established in 1914, is actually the oldest building in the entire United States designed for feature films. Having had its share of ups and downs throughout the past 100+ years, being closed and reopened several times, renovated and leased to a major theater chain, and closed again in early 2016, the Minor Theater is now once again locally owned and operated and has made a fantastic comeback.

Plush New Seats at the Minor
Plush New Seats

With new projection equipment, a new sound system, new screens, larger, more comfortable seating, as well as a menu that includes locally crafted cuisine with vegan /vegetarian options, (and don’t forget beer and wine to go with) America’s oldest theater has definitely underwent a major facelift, yet it still maintains much of it original charm. Having just reopened on Friday, September 16th of 2016, the Minor has been off to a great start, once again becoming the staple choice amongst Humboldt movie theaters.

When in Arcata, CA you can now catch eclectic films, including foreign, indie and cult classics at this iconic theater, but the fun doesn’t just stop there….

The Arcata Theater Lounge is another of the Humboldt movie theaters serving up a similar cine experience…


Located just around the block from the Minor is the ATL. This 1938 Art Deco Cinema that has been reborn as an entertainment venue offering the best in live music, movies, dining, dancing, as well as private events.  Arcata Theatre Lounge has one of the largest cinema screens in Northern California and also boasts a full bar and pub-style menu. Featuring dinner style seating with tables and chairs, this non-traditional theater allows guests to kick back and enjoy a full meal while they watch the show.

Dinner Style Seating at the ATL
Dinner Seating @ ATL

First constructed in 1937, the ATL is still alive and thriving having been voted as the Best Humboldt County Music Venue for four years straight. So when you are looking for an evening out on the town, the ATL and The Minor Theater both offer casual, fun and unique entertainment options.

These two Humboldt movie theaters have completely transformed going out to the movies in Arcata and have added even more charm to a already super sweet little town

Vacationing in the California Redwoods

Vacation Redwood Coast
Take a trip to the Redwood Coast… You may just be surprised.

VACATIONING IN HUMBOLDT COUNTY?……It is amazing how many times I have heard this inquisitive tone come across when I tell people that I work for a vacation rental company in this remote, far north stretch of the California coastline.

“So, people are actually into vacationing in Humboldt County” they ask? Why yes, they are, and I am here to tell you some of the wonderful reasons why.

It always takes me by surprise when people are shocked that Humboldt County has an alive and thriving tourism industry. I myself first moved to the area more than a decade ago from a land of traffic and smog, looking for a more relaxed lifestyle and a place where there are more trees than people. Although it was Humboldt State University that first landed me in the region, it was the astounding abundance of nature and pure beauty that kept me here all of these year. And I just might be onto something when I say that this may be what brings many visitors to Humboldt County as well. From my experience, just like myself, they never seam to be disappointed.

Vacation Rentals Near Redwood National Park
Vacation Near Redwoods

Home of Redwood National and State Parks, a stunning coastline with countless beaches to explore, mountains and rivers galore, and pretty much some of the quaintest little towns that you will ever see, Humboldt County is truly a vacationers paradise. Whether you are a rough and tough adventure seeker, a family traveling with children, a couple of lovebirds seeking a romantic getaway, or group of friends looking to get out of town for a bit, there is definitely something special that the Redwood Coast has for you and your party. While to many it is obvious, for those who remain skeptical, here is just a few quick reminders of what a magical place we have here on the beautiful coast of Northern California….

Redwood National Park
Redwood National Park

Redwood National Park

This park alone is a huge draw for tourism in Humboldt County bringing in over 418,000 visitors annually. This park features rare old growth Redwood forests found no other place on the entire planet. These temperate rainforest may not be as exotic as the amazon, but they do present a certain unparalleled beauty, as well as the tallest trees on Earth and magnificent array of wildlife, including the majestic Roosevelt Elk.

Humboldt County Beaches
Humboldt County Beaches

Beautiful Beaches 

Humboldt County is full of wild and scenic beaches as well. With over 100 miles of coastline you can find all different types of beaches to explore. While they may not be tropical, they are seriously some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. See a list of the Top 10 Beaches in Humboldt County here. 

Trinity River, Humboldt County CA
Trinity River, Humboldt


If playing in the river all day, soaking up the mountain sun, fishing, river rafting or kayaking are your things, here is yet another reason to pay us a visit on the Redwood Coast. There are actually 6 rivers within Humboldt County alone (Eel River, Van Duzen River, Klamath River, Trinity River, Mad River, and the Smith River).  All of these pristine rivers mean plenty of swimming holes and river spots to explore.

Victorian Village of Ferndale
Victorian Village of Ferndale

The Towns of Humboldt County

From well-preserved turn of the century Victorian villages such as Ferndale (dubbed one of America’s prettiest towns), to quaint seaside fishing villages perched atop of rocky cliffs overlooking the Redwood forest and sandy beaches, to college towns and bustling Old Town districts, the various locations of Humboldt County are not only diverse and unique, but full of a rich history, architecture, and beauty that many vacationers long to discovery. See details on towns located throughout Humboldt County here.

Taste @ Humboldt Bay Tourism Center
Taste, Eureka CA

Local Cuisine

Foodies get ready because Humboldt County’s cuisine is renowned for its freshness as well as it deliciousness. The term locavore might as well have been coined here. With a wide array of organic and sustainable farms, the vast Pacific ocean, and countless meat and dairy farmers, Humboldt is a foodies paradise. The Arcata Farmers Market, held every Saturday, is a great way to sample all the goods that get produced in the area, but many Humboldt County restaurants also take great pride in featuring locally produces ingredients, seeing as they are so readily available. If you plan your trip accordingly you can even catch some foodie festivities as the area features a few different annual festivals that showcase local faves, such as the famous Arcata Oyster Festival. Dining in Humboldt County is always an adventure for your tastebuds, and I have not even mentioned all of the fabulous locally produced beers and wines available to pair with….yum!

 Find More Thing to Do on the Redwood Coast

So the answer is yes, people do take trips to Humboldt County, they take them often, and in doing so, they discover all of the above and so much more while here.

Prairie Beach Home, Orick
Prairie Beach Home, Orick

With so many visitors coming to the area, Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals realized there was a need to offers travelers a home away from home while on the Redwood Coast. Wanting nothing more than to share the beauty of Humboldt County with the rest of the world, RCVR quickly entered into the forefront of the tourism industry here with their unique and diverse set of lodging options that offer guests all of the comforts that great vacation homes can possibly provide.

Bayview Suite @ Oyster Beach
Bayview Suite, Eureka

Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals is now the premier vacation rental company in Humboldt County, offering wonderful cottages, cabins, beach houses, condos, modern lofts, studios,  large estates, and basically whatever type of accommodation your style of travel requires. So it is highly recommended to just skip the hotel scene while visiting the Redwood Coast and live like a local by checking out the 100+ vacation homes made available in Humboldt County by Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals.

Also, it is not too late to book a stay with Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals for this fall and take advantage of A special promo on last minute bookings! See more details here and book soon.
The serene splendor of the Redwood Coast and all of its magic await you!

RCVR Fall Savings Image




Tour Lost Coast Brewery, Eureka CA

Lost Coast Brewery
Lost Coast Brewery

The images of Lost Coast Brewery‘s beer labels have become well known across the entire country over the last 3 decades. However, this Humboldt County brewed craft beer has become famous not only for its playful labels but also for its award winning ales including Downtown Brown, Great White, Alleycat Amber, 8-Ball Stout, Indica Pale Ale, Lost Coast Pale Ale, Winterbraun, and Raspberry Brown, to name a few.

Lost Coast Brewery, Eureka CA
Lost Coast Brewery, Eureka CA

Having become a staple component not only of their local community but to much of the beer drinking community across the U.S. as well over the years, it is easy to see why a larger production facility eventually had to be constructed for this small town brewery. While it might have been easier for the owners to move their production facilities elsewhere, this huge expansion actually took place right where the company was originally conceived, its hometown, Eureka, CA.

Lost Coast Brewery's New Facility
Lost Coast Brewery’s New Facility

A completely new 15 million dollar free-standing facility was constructed on a 9.3 acres site at the south end of Eureka. The new facility, completed in 2014, has allowed Lost Coast’s production to expand from 60,000 to upwards of 600,000 barrels annually! That is a lot of good beer brewing! But the new brewing  facility has not only allowed the company the ability to up their annual production but also to open its doors for visitors for the first time ever.

Lost Coast Brewery Tours
Lost Coast Brewery Tours

That’s right, Lost Coast Brewery, Eureka CA now offers tours of their brand new facility every day of the week at 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm. The tour will lead you through the brewing process where you will get to see all of the behind the scene action that goes into making this craft beer that many of us have grown to love. From the grinding of the grain, to the fermenting, to the bottling you will see the entire process in this 30 minute excursion. Afterwards you get to taste the beer (because what is a brewery tour without a tasting!) and also a chance to visit the Lost Coast Brewery gear shop where you’ll find tons of that cool Lost Coast swag that I have personally gotten very used to seeing from time to time far beyond the reaches of Humboldt County.

Lost Coast Brewery tours are completely free to the public and are family friendly. Tastings are for 21+ with ID, but for the little ones ice cream and alcohol free root beer floats are served to keep everyone in  your group happy.

To reserve your space for the tour call (707) 267-9651. This is a great activity that allows you to experience one of the Redwood Coast’s most iconic breweries and if you, like many of us, are a beer lover it is not to be missed.

Lost Coast Brewery Eureka CA
Lost Coast Brewery Eureka CA



The Original Humboldt County Boutique Hotel

Boutique Hotel Experience in Humboldt County
Boutique Hotel Experience in Humboldt County

The Boutique hotel experience is one that has been sought after by travelers throughout Europe and major metropolitan cities in the U.S. for some time now. These typically smaller hotels offer upscale accommodations in unique settings that guests tend to flock to. With this consumer trend being evident, there has been a shift that has hoteliers moving toward more affordable or budget boutique hotels in recent years. Suddenly the tourism industry has begun to see these stylish and fun lodging options being created all around the world. Well Eureka, CA has jumped on the bus too as it is now home to the original Humboldt County Boutique Hotel experience.

California Cowboy - Eureka CA
California Cowboy – Eureka CA

First, you might ask what is it that makes a Boutique Hotel so special. What is it that sets them apart from your standard Holiday Inn? Well look no further for your answer to these questions, because the newest Humboldt County Boutique Hotel is a prime example.

117 West Boutique Hotel - Eureka CA
117 West Boutique Hotel

California Cowboy and 117 West are separate boutique hotel suites set in a historic Victorian-era Buhne Building in the heart of Old Town Eureka, just two blocks from the waterfront and boardwalk. The Buhne Building itself is a mixed-use artisan community, with shops and galleries on the first floor and artist studios, hotel rooms and loft spaces on the upper floors.

Buhne Buliding, Boutique Hotel - Eureka CA
Buhne Buliding, Eureka CA

The details of the Buhne Building are super unique in of themselves. Built in the late 1800s and named after the late Mate Henry Hans Buhne who discovered the Humboldt Bay’s entrance, the Buhne Building is a true architectural gem.

Burn Building, Eureka CA
Burn Building, Eureka CA

The style is Renaissance Revival and you will find exposed brick and cast iron throughout the building. The beautiful wood floors, arches, tall arched windows, mouldings, and large heavy doors are all original to the building and create a magnificently unique ambiance. And the walk to the rooms starts up a stunning beautiful Victorian staircase.

117 West, Eureka CA
117 West, Eureka CA

117 West and California Cowboy suites are light-filled, with floor to ceiling windows overlooking Old Town and Humboldt Bay. The original hardwood floors and exposed brick celebrate the history of the rooms. The suites feature plush king-sized beds, microwaves, mini-fridges, tea kettles, and french presses providing all of the comforts of a modern hotel room. Yet, the antique furnishings and spectacular views offer that sought after Old World charm.

And part of that Old World charm includes shared bathrooms. Yes, the bathrooms are located outside of the rooms which is common for the Victorian era buildings and often times a popular option amongst travelers on somewhat of a budget. However, don’t let the shared bathroom dissuade you. The Buhne Building shared bathroom features a beautifully-tiled shower, antique sink and a modern dual-flush toilet. It is shared only with guests in the two other guest rooms in the building and kept immaculately. Towels and robes are provided for you in the room in a welcome basket, again providing all the comforts of a modern hotel room.

Old Town Eureka, CA
Old Town Eureka, CA

In addition to the Buhne Building being unique an interesting, Old Town Eureka definitely has the same feel. This Historic district on the Redwood Coast contains tons of buildings from the Victorian era, cobblestone streets, galleries, shops, restaurants, museums, and a waterfront boardwalk. Old Town Eureka is known as a fine arts mecca and for its monthly “Arts Alive” events (when local galleries stay open late and the streets are filled with music, food, and street performances). You’ll find galleries, museums, artist studios, live music, and theaters within a few blocks of the Buhne Building Boutique Hotel. All the more reason to visit.

Taste @ Humboldt Bay Tourism Center
Taste @Humboldt Bay Tourism Center

And it simply can not go without mention that the first floor of the Buhne Building itself is home to the Humboldt Bay Tourism Center, which also double as Taste, an all-local tasting room that features beers, wines, ciders, and kombucha, as well as cheeses, meats, breads, and desserts that are all hand- crafted locally. Oh wait, their is also an oyster bar that serves up raw and broiled oysters harvested from the Humboldt Bay and topped with a variety of gourmet sauces.

In addition to delicious local cuisine and craft spirits, Humboldt Bay Tourism Center features a curated collection of local tours and activities designed to help you choose your own adventure on the Redwood Coast. Whether it’s a romantic kayak paddle at sunset, a tour of one of local craft businesses, or an intense surfing session, their staff will have the perfect tour recommendation for you.

California Cowboy and 117 West are offered by Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals. The rooms rent for as low as $75 per night, which provides an affordable way to attain the Humboldt County Boutique Hotel experience on the gorgeous Redwood Coast. Book your stay online or contact a reservationist directly at (707) 834-6555 for more information on these super unique accommodations right in the heart of Humboldt County.

California Cowboy Boutique Hotel, Eureka CA
California Cowboy Boutique Hotel, Eureka CA






Happy Hour in Humboldt

Happy Hour Humboldt County

It’s gotta be 5 ‘o clock somewhere right?…

Well when it’s time to get “happy” on the Redwood Coast have no fear because these local digs have Happy Hour in Humboldt County covered.

Whether you are strolling in Old Town Eureka or rocking Downtown Arcata you have plenty Happy Hours to choose from. From wine bars to dive bars, here are some of the happiest happy hours in Humboldt…

Happy Hours in Arcata, CA:
Libation, Arcata CA
Libation, Arcata CA

Libation – This retail wine shop located right on the Arcata Plaza also doubles as a wine bar that offers Happy Hour every Monday-Thursday from 5-7pm. Given that their motto is “pouring world class into your glass” you are sure to find some high end specialty vinos, as well as craft beers.  Libation showcases a wide array of locally made Humboldt County wines, as well as more California wines and of course International  wines.  Also serving small bites, be sure to try their delicious artisana cheese and meat plates. You can also catch some live jazz at this classy little wine shop every Tuesday & Thursday 7-9pm.

Richard Goat Tavern & Tea Room, Arcata CA
Richard Goat  Arcata CA

Richards Goat – Its a tavern. It’s a tea room. It’s a miniplex. It’s Richards Goat in Arcata, CA. At “The Goat” you will find delicious house infused cocktails, craft beers, local wines, fine imported teas, and Humboldt-made sweet and savory snacks. Catch their “News & Booze” Happy Hour every weekday from 4:00 – 5:30 pm when they air “Democracy Now!” on the big screen, and offer $1 off cocktails, tea for two, as well as other specials on wine, draft beer & cider.  

The Iconic Alibi, Arcata CA
The Alibi, Arcata CA

The Alibi – With over 65 martinis and locally famous Bloody Mary’s, this iconic dive bar located on the Arcata Plaza is a great place to wet you whistle for happy hour. The “Happiest Hours” at the Alibi run 4-6pm daily when you can get $1 off any of their 65 Martinis, or 1/2 off a pitcher of beer with purchase of an appetizer.

Other weekday Happy Hour themes at the Alibi include: “Monday Trailer Park” ($1 off all taps), 2 For Tuesday ($2.50 short wells), Wednesday Local ($2 off local booze), and “Thursday Thursday” ($4.50 tall wells).

Tomo Sushi, Arcata

Tomo Japanese Restaurant – Sushi and drinks anyone? If this sounds good to you be sure to head over to Tomo, located in downtown Arcata. Tomo is a staple of the Humboldt community and boasts fantastic sushi, traditional Japanese cuisine, as well as an awesome “Hapi Hour” that features $2 Off all bar drinks, $3 well drinks, $2 pints, and menu specials. Tomo”Hapi Hour” runs Monday – Sunday from 4pm-5:30pm.

Happy Hours in Eureka CA:
Siren's Song, Eureka
Siren’s Song, Eureka

Siren’s Song – This cool local tavern is located right in the heart of Old Town Eureka and offers an extensive selection of craft bears, ciders, and locally made kombucha on tap. The historic building in which this tavern is housed provides a great atmosphere and one could catch some live entertainment and hip crowds here on most nights. Happy Hour at Siren’s Song runs from 3-7pm weekdays. They offer Monday $2 off Draft Beer on Mondays and $2 off wine on Wednesdays.

Bar-Fly Pub & Grub, Eureka
Bar-Fly Pub & Grub, Eureka

Bar-Fly Pub & Grub – Just a hop skip and jump from Old Town’s main drag, overlooking Eureka’s boardwalk lies this self described “antique-meets-country and western” pub, which is actually resembles more of your typical sports bar…. plenty of TV’s,  lots of booze, and karaoke nights aplenty. Bar-Fly was actually voted the best place to shoot pool in Humboldt, so it is a great place to rack ’em up while catching a daily Happy Hour that runs from 4-6 p.m. with draft specials and dollar-off well drinks.

Pearl Lounge, Eureka CA
Pearl Lounge, Eureka CA

Pearl Lounge – Also located in historic Old Town Eureka, the Pearl Lounge offers a unique urban vibe in Humboldt County, as well as the largest selection of premium liquor north of San Francisco! Their selection includes 200 varieties of 100% blue agave tequila, 60 varieties of vodka, as well as a large menu of scotch, whiskey, rum, gin, champagne and wine. They also feature many local micro-brews, organic liquor, and wine. Happy Hour runs weekdays, usually between 9-11pm but check in with the Pearl directly for info on their daily specials. And definitely be sure to take advantage of the full menu from Five Eleven Restaurant that is available in the Pearl Lounge if you can.

So there you have it folks, some of the best Happy Hours in Humboldt County! Just remember to have fun and drink /get happy responsibly.








Fabulous Fall Savings on the Redwood Coast

With Summer winding down many of us are dreading the change of season, or at least gearing up for it. However Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals have something for you to look forward to during this time of transition.

Deals on last minute bookings are available now! Visit the Redwood Coast and take advantage of these Fabulous Fall Savings on the Redwood Coast….

RCVR Fall Savings Image

Book 4 or More Nights and Receive Half Off of the Fourth Night.

This special applies to last minute bookings on select homes for all stays within 2 weeks of your booking date. Please check with our Reservationist directly for availability and details of the homes offered under this special discounted rate. 

Book Now (707) 834-6555 or

Things to do in the Fall on the Redwood Coast:

North Country Fair September 17th & 18th in Arcata, CA:

maxresdefaultA Humboldt County tradition since 1974, The North Country Fair includes around 200 craft, food, and information booths, two parades, two stages, and a lawn performance area. An estimated 10,000 people come from all over to celebrate the diversity of our community and the Fall Equinox.

Cruising the Redwood Coast:
Labor Day Weekend 2016, Ferndale Concours
Labor Day Weekend 2016, Ferndale Concours

The Redwood Coast offers 2 excellent opportunities to either showcase or simply spectate an impressive amount of classic cars this fall. The Ferndale Concours (Sept.2nd-4th) and CruzNEureka (Sept. 8th-10th).

The 3rd annual Plein Air at the Lost Coast  Sept. 28th – Oct. 2nd:
Plein Air Art Festival on the Lost Coast

This is a five day outdoor painting competition concluding in an awards ceremony and art sale.  Expect 60-80 artists plus art collectors.  Not only are there oceans to paint, but thousands of square miles of wilderness mountains surrounding us in the Majestic King  Range National Conservation Area and the neighboring Redwood parks.

In addition to the painting competition, there will be workshops, naturalist guided hikes, children’s art murals, and BBQ with music.
Fall Color in Redwood Country Sept 15th – Nov. 15th:

Seasons Change on the Redwood Coast

Fall colors usually begin to appear around late September and trees follow mid October through November. Several suggested drives will allow you to take in the beautiful array of  Fall colors. has more info on some of the best scenic drives for viewing fall colors on the Redwood Coast.
Hoptober Fest , Saturday October 1st:

Hoptober in Humboldt

This exciting Redwood Coast festival features regional breweries, local food vendors and an impressive lineup of musicians to provide a full day of beer, music and merriment.

With so many outstanding local breweries to showcase, this successful event provides a unique interactive opportunity for individual participants and has become a major cultural event for Humboldt County.

Visit Redwood National Park This Fall:
Fall in Redwood National Park
Fall in Redwood National Park

The majority of visitors to Redwood National Park, according to National Park Service statistics, come in the summertime. But if you’re seeking more solitude, you may find autumn, winter or early spring quieter seasons for exploration.


5 Reasons To Love Arcata, CA

A quaint college town marked by its free thinking and colorful community, its architectural charm, and the pristine natural beauty that surrounds it. A town so small it consists of only 2 stop lights, yet is so magical and unique, you may just want to stay forever.

Here are just 5 reasons to love the Northern California town of Arcata, however if you have ever been there, you could surely come up with many more of your own….

  1. Arcata Community Forest
    The Arcata Community Forest

    The Arcata Community Forest

    Not many cities can boast their very own community forest. In fact, there are only 20 cities throughout the entire country that can do so, Arcata being one of them. Yet Arcata remains even more so unique because it can boast its very own REDWOOD forest!

Located just blocks from downtown, Arcata’s Community Forest is definitely the centerpiece of the city. Comprised of an extensive and diverse network of trails, this 790 acre recreation area is the perfect place to enjoy hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding. While trail lengths vary, some of the shorter loops, can be completed in well under an hour, making them suitable to explore even with small children. The trail system is easily accessed from the adjacent Redwood Park where you will also find a playground, a picnic area and restrooms. A trip to Arcata without a visit to the community forest just wouldn’t be complete.

2. The Arcata Plaza

The Arcata Plaza
The Arcata Plaza

Central plazas were quite common in days of old and are still in many parts of the world used heavily as a gathering place for community. While many cities continue to offer open urban public spaces these days, not many can parallel the Arcata Plaza, which is still as central to the community as it was when it was first constructed in 1850.

Whether it is a special event, the Saturday Farmers Market, the lively nightlife, or just scoping out the local shops by day, the downtown Arcata Plaza is always hopping. This social and commercial center is home to festivals such as Arcata Oyster Festival and North County Fair, as well as a large selection of cute shops, dive bars, and good eats.

3. The Creamery District

The Creamery District - Arcata CA
The Creamery District – Arcata CA

One a significant piece of Arcata’s local industrial architecture, the Creamery is now a vibrant, diverse community where artists and entrepreneurs display their talents.

In addition to special events, the Creamery District offered a Saturday Art Market on the last Saturday of each month from June through September, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. This free, outdoor, family-friendly event features local artists selling high quality arts and crafts, live music from local musician, and a flea market where folks sell other treasures.

4. Arcata Eats

Arcata CA Restaurants
Arcata CA Restaurants

Wood fired gourmet pizzas, pies & ciders, fresh oysters and seafood, yummy local, organic, goodness. Arcata is known for its diverse and tasty selection of eateries. Here are just a few of the local faves:



Bitter Sweet – What a novel idea! To pair homemade pies (both sweet and savory) with locally and regionally produced specialty crafted ciders is nothing short of genius! This hip and modern spot is located right off of the Arcata Plaza and is a must stop.

Harvest – Who doesn’t love an amazing weekend brunch? These folks do one thing and they do it right. All the brunch classics, with a bit of local Arcata flare. Be sure to make reservation in advance though, cause this place fills up.

Salt Fish House – Arcata’s premier seafood spot just opened on the Arcata Plaza this year and they are already making a huge splash.  From local oysters to all of the traditional seafood choices, Salt is always keeping it fresh and delicious. Not to mention, they offer an amazing selection of handcrafted cocktails!

Cafe Phoenix – If you are looking for some of the freshest and most sustainable health food available in Arcata be sure to check out this tasty spot. Cafe Phoenix’s farm to table approach allow them to work directly with local farmers in order to bring to Arcata a menu that is seasonally inspired, healthy and delicious. Be sure to try their cold pressed juices and delicious farm fresh salads. 

Folie Douce – When looking for gourmet, what can we say? This place is the bomb! Locally produced, seasonally inspired cuisine that will make your mouth water. And of course, Folie Douce has a fabulous selection of local and imported wines to go along with their delectable dinners. The wood fired pizzas are a must try and can all be made gluten free by request as well.

5. Humboldt State University

HSU - Home of the Lumberjacks
HSU – Home of the Lumberjacks

Perhaps one of the driving forces that keeps Arcata so fresh and vibrant is the town’s local university, or at least the students thereof.

The students of HSU bring a laid back, fun, and charismatic energy to the town, which, lets face it, would be just a tad bit sleepier without its influx of young people looking to fulfill their educational goals there. This northernmost California campus is dedicated to quality action-minded education and just happens to also be set in one of the most serene locations in the entire state. People that venture to Arcata, CA to attend HSU often times never leave the area post graduation, as they easily find a true place to call home in this whimsical little town.

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Ferndale Concours on Main – Pure Elegance

Labor Day Weekend 2016, Ferndale Concours
Labor Day Weekend 2016, Ferndale Concours

Over 100 pre-1987 classic vehicles in pristine factory fresh condition will soon gather along Main Street in the Victorian Village of Ferndale, California. Only the vehicles deemed to be in absolute perfect condition will make the cut and be considered eligible for a trophy. Concours d’Elegance literally means a ‘competition of elegance’ and the Ferndale Concours will be just that.

From Fresno to the Oregon border, the Sports Car Club of Americas San Francisco Region has sanctioned Concours d’Elegance since 1952.  The vehicles entered into the Concours are collector automobiles judged on their authenticity, condition, preparation and quality of restoration to original specifications.

Happening Labor Day Weekend 2016, the Ferndale Concours inaugural event will take place. Just take a look at the Featured Automobile of the event to get a taste of what will be on display…

Labor Day 2016, Ferndale Concours

Sports Car Club of America Championship Award winner of 2015, a 1934 Packard 1104 Dual- Cowl Phaeton Super 8

This and at least 100 more collector automobiles are anticipated to come out to this event so don’t miss out on taking in all of the elegance for yourselves! For folks coming in from out of the area remember there are plenty of lodging options available right in the town of Ferndale itself, as well as in the neighboring communities of Fortuna and Eureka. Check Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals. They offer cozy accommodations including quaint historic homes, bungalows, studios, cottages, and larger vacation houses for big groups.

And don’t forget about all of the elegance surrounding Ferndale as well. While your not busy scoping out the vehicles at the Ferndale Concours, be sure to take a cruise along the nearby Avenue of the Giants, one of the most scenic highways in Northern California. But as you could imagine, The Redwood Coast is also home to many other scenic drives.  While in the area you can also visit Redwood National and State Parks for a bit more elegance in nature.

Ferndale Conours on Main, Labor Day 2016

 The Ferndale Concours on Main is a premier of a new type of concours d’Elegance: September 2-4, 2016 In the Victorian Village of Ferndale, CA.