Cottages in the Redwoods That Will Melt Your Heart

Trinidad, CA is a small fishing village on the shores of the Pacific. If you have ever been to this area you know that this is the place where the redwood trees meet the sea. The backdrop that is created by these giants against the bright blue water of the ocean is simply gorgeous. This little fishing town comes alive in the summer. Midday temperatures stay around 70 degrees and the cool summer nights are perfect for gathering around the campfire. One of the best part of this tiny seaside town is that sweet little vacation cottages in Trinidad, CA are abundant and they are only minutes away from Redwood National and State Parks. Stroll down the quiet streets of Trinidad and find literally everything there is to love about cottages. Rambling fences, blooming gardens, and quaint little homes tucked-away in the trees. Some people refer to this area and many of the homes and gardens here as “magical”.

Here are a few of these dreamy vacation cottages in Trinidad. These quaint seaside vacation homes located near California’s Coastal Redwoods will melt you heart.

Seawoods Cottage

Situated on a beautiful farm setting just a short walk to Patrick’s Point State Park.


Brand new open studio with leeping loft.

Enjoy some time by the fire-pit.
Close the curtains and enjoy a hot soak amongst the redwoods in this gorgeous outdoor claw foot bath.
Beautiful finishes everywhere in this custom studio cottage.












“C” Lily Cottage in Trinidad                              

Cute and cozy cottage style beach home.
Located towards the end of a private, dead end drive adjacent to the bluff overlooking the ocean and beach.
Private fenced in yard great for barbecuing.













West of Haven- Nestled in the Redwoods near Moonstone Beach

Nicely landscaped and secluded and in its own beautiful environment amongst the Redwoods.
Pathways leading through garden.












Nestled in the giant redwoods at the end of a private lane.






If you are looking for Cottages in the Redwoods these are great places to call home while you explore the beaches, sea life, parks and everything else that Trinidad and Humboldt County have to offer. Visit Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals to see more Cottages in the Redwoods and additional vacation rentals in the Humboldt County and Redwood Coast Region. 


Vacation Rentals in Northern California Near Agritourism Operations


Agritourism is an industry that is growing throughout the nation as farm operators are beginning to offer various activities to the public in order to channel new sources of revenue. Some farms let you pick your own produce, others set up farm stands that allow you to purchase directly from the producer. Many farms are now offering tours and some even offer farm stays. Events centered around agriculture such as festivals, workshops and classes, are increasing in popularity as well. The general population now has many unique opportunities available to them to witness the behind the scenes of food production and given the growth of this industry it is obvious that people are really enjoying having these opportunities.

RC-stats-e1428350918320Agriculture’s roots are deep in Humboldt County (no pun intended). According to the Humboldt Farm Buerea “approximately a third of the total land area in the County is directed to some type of agricultural use”. Given this fact It is no wonder why Humboldt County is a leader in the Agritourism movement. There are over 1,000 farms located throughout both Humboldt County and its neighbor to the North, Del Norte County! You can find nearly anything being raised in this region. There is tons of vegetable and fruit production, dairy and cattle farms galore, and even aquaculture operations. Floral and timber are other very large industries in the region. Oh and don’t forget the fantastic wineries that exist here. The climate, topography, and abundant waterways here seem to create the perfect place for this wide variety of agricultural based industries. Given this is the case for tourism in Humboldt County as well, combining the two (agritourism) seems pretty much like a no brainer for Humboldt County farmers.

9__MAR4051Many farm operations in the Redwood Coast region allow ways for the public to become involved. As you probably guessed, it is extremely easy to find agricultural happenings here. You can simply stop in at the year-round farmer’s market, or perhaps attend workshops or classes related to agricultural practices which can be found regular within the community. Or better yet visit one of the many Humboldt County farm stands or U-Pick operations. In addition there are several community gardens, CSAs, educational farms that allow visitors. Many restaurants and grocers serve locally produced foods as well. There are also great local area festivals that celebrate the rich agriculture influence of the region including the popular Arcata Oyster Festival and the Fortuna Apple Harvest.  There are practically countless ways to become better acquainted with the products and the producers of the Humboldt County area.

The following is a list of some of my personal favorite places for fun, educational agriculture related experiences in Humboldt County.You definitely do not want to miss out on these if you are and “agritourist” visiting the region:

Humboldt Bay Oyster Tours – Oyster Farm tours on Humboldt Bay

Wolfsen Blueberry Farm – A U-Pick small, family-owned organic Blueberry farm located in McKinleyville, CA. Open July 4 – Labor Day

Bayside Park Farm (Formerly Arcata Educational Farm) – A three-acre vegetable farm located in the City of Arcata’s Bayside Park, Tours available

Deep Seeded Farm – U-Pick flowers and berries, tours, picnics, recipes and more

Redwood Roots Farm – Several Educational Programs and Volunteer Opportunities as well as a great farm stand on this beautiful and diverse CSA and market garden

Winnett Vinyards – Family-owned and certified organic winery in sunny Willow Creek. Hand crafted estate-bottled wines. Tastings and Tours Available

The University of California’s Small Farm Centres defines Agritourism as ”the act of visiting a working farm or any agricultural, horticultural or agribusiness operation for the purpose of enjoyment, education or personal involvement in the activities of the farm or operation”. Humboldt County is really one of the best places to partake in this form of travel and there are plenty of vacation rentals in this part of Northern California that are within close proximity to agritourism ops. With such an extensive and diverse amount of agriculture here one can surely become educated and involved in these operations and most importantly enjoy a farm experience here on you next vacation to the Redwood Coast.


See the Following Lists of Vacation Rentals in Northern California Near Agritourism Operations in Humboldt County:

List of Rentals Near Willow Creek Rentals and Wineries 

List of Rentals Near Arcata & Bayside Farms  

Soar Through the Forest Canopy on your Redwood Coast Vacation – Northern California’s Premier Nature Attraction, The Trees of Mystery

imagesYou are driving along Hwy 101 and on the roadside you suddenly come across a 49-foot-tall statue of Paul Bunyan and his 35-foot-tall blue ox, Babe. What is this, you may ask. Well it is the Trees of Mystery of course. For over 65 years, the Trees of Mystery have been welcoming visitor along this stretch highway. Whether you are vacationing in the area or just passing on by, this is a place you will want to pull over for.

Located in the heart of the Redwood Coast, near Redwood National and State Parks, Trees of Mystery is California’s considered to be the premier nature attraction in Northern California. After being greeted by Mr. Bunyan you stroll along a leisurely eighth of a mile long groomed interpretive trail through giant redwoods. The trail leads to an onsite museum, which boasts an extensive private collection of Native American art, crafts and tools, actually one of the largest collections of it kind.

sky-trail-06.jpgPerhaps the highlight of the entire attraction though is the SkyTrail gondola ride, which takes visitors on an unforgettable ride through the forest canopy. The Swiss-made cable cars travel at 11 mph along the tops of redwood trees that measure 100s of feet in height! The SkyTrail leads to and observation deck offers an awesome view of the surrounding forest as well as a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean.


Although the trees themselves are indisputably the stars of Trees of Mystery, there is a lot more to this roadside attraction than can be seen by just passing by. Stop in on your next trip and don’t forget to wave hello to Paul and Babe.

See listings of Vacation Rentals near Redwood National Park and the Trees of Mystery attraction. Some of these Humboldt County vacation rentals are located approximately only 30 minutes from the Trees of Mystery.

Featured Rentals Include:

Prairie Beach Home – Beautiful Farm Setting

with Ocean Views & Beach Access

Upscale & Authentic: Stone Lagoon Cabin – Gaze at Wild Elk, Hike to Beach

There are also several Vacation Rentals in Trinidad CA,which is not far from this attraction either. See list of Vacation Homes in Trinidad CA or see a complete list of Vacation homes in Humboldt County.

Holly Yashi Jewelry Design Studio: Honoring the Craft of Jewelry Making in Arcata, California

HYStore_Studio_viewroomEver wondered what the story was behind a particular piece of jewelry you own? Perhaps you want to know where it was made and who actually made it. Often, the modern day jewelry industry provides little to no way to trace the origins of commercially produced adornments. Cheap jewelry imported from who knows where has definitely become the industry norm over the year. However, there is one unique Northern California jewelry design company that still values the handcrafting process of unique pieces. The company even offers tours of their state-of-the-art design studio so that customers have the chance to connect directly with the artisans themselves and learn more about the creative processes behind jewelry design.

Holly Yashi, a jewelry design company founded in Arcata CA in 1981, is known worldwide for their innovative styles and designs, particularly their work with Niobium, a metal that when bathed in electronically-charged water takes on radiant hues. Holly Yashi jewelry is sold at over 1,100 upscale vendors throughout the country. Though the company has grown exponentially over the years, the owners have remained true to their belief that every piece that they produce should be hand crafted and of utmost quality. They have also maintained that a close personal connection to each of their artisans is key.

HYStore_Studio_dippingVisitors to the Holly Yashi studio in Arcata CA have the chance to tour the facilities, meet designer, and see jewelry being made for them selves. The tour provides a glimpse at what goes into Holly Yashi’s unique designs. In addition to seeing the creative process unfold, visitors have access to an on site gift store featuring the only full collection of Holly Yashi’s latest styles, as well as other goodies. Tours are offered weekday at 11am free of charge but if you don’t have time for the full tour just walk on in to the studio viewing room any weekday from 10am-5pm. Call 707-822-5132 for more information or to reserve space for the tour in advance.

Vacation Rentals in Arcata Near the Holly Yashi Design Studio Include:


Pacific Rim Home & Garden

Classic Restored Craftsman in Downtown Arcata

Arcata Townhouse in Redwoods

See a list of all Vacation Rentals in Arcata CA

In addition to vacation rentals in Arcata there are available Vacation homes in Humboldt County and Vacation homes in Crescent City as well as Vacation homes near Redwood National Park.


A Celebration of the Holy Ghost: The Portuguese Spirit of Humboldt County

W1g1VBKCHDOQbOMdThe smell of sweet bread and linguica sausage will soon fill the air at the various Portuguese Holy Ghost Celebrations being held throughout the state of California during the upcoming summer months. Seeing as California has the largest Portuguese Azorean population in the entire U.S. it is no wonder why the Holy Ghost is so widely celebrated in the Golden State. From May into June in Northern California in particular, it is easy to find several Holy Ghost celebrations taking place. All over the San Francisco Bay Area and as far north as the small village of Ferndale, CA. Portuguese festivities will be in full effect this time of year.

CameraZOOM-20120527120656083Traditionally a religious gathering of which all are welcome to attend, the Holy Ghost Celebration is seen as somewhat of a gift to the community in which it takes place. In the spirit of the revered 14th century Queen Isabel of Portugal who was an advocate for the poor and always sought ways to help to feed citizens in need, any Holy Ghost festivities that you attend will feature an elaborate feast, as well as parades, dancing, and of course, Sunday mass. Over the 100+ years that this celebration has been taking place in California it has really morphed into a celebration that honors the Portuguese Azorean culture, food, music, dance and tradition that was brought here when the Portuguese began to immigrate to California in the late 1800s’. These festivals provide a great way to get out to meet your local Portuguese community members and truly get a taste of their unique traditions.

images2015 will mark the 91st annual Holy Ghost Celebration for the Victorian Village of Ferndale located to the far north of the state in Humboldt County. This small rural farming community became a huge agricultural center during the 1800’s and many hard-working Portuguese immigrants migrated to the region to work on dairy ranches and later in the areas prominent timber industry. The festival will take place May 23rd & 24th at the Humboldt County Fairgrounds & the Portuguese Hall in the town of Ferndale. If you live in the area or happen to be visiting during this time make sure to come out to experience the festival and learn more about this important group of people who make up the rich history of the Redwood Coast. Rosary, bean & linguica dinner will be held Saturday at 6:30 pm. Parade, mass, and noon dinner are being held on Sunday.

 view-from-the-cemeteryFor those who have never been, Ferndale is a quaint town in which you literally feel as though you have stepped back in time. The Victorian architecture of the town is well-preserved and definitely a feature that this village is known for. There are several nice vacation rentals in Ferndale to check out if you are looking to explore the area including Cream City Cottage in Victorian Village of Ferndale, 2 Bdrm & Studio as well as the Fernbridge House, a super cute bungalow just outside Victorian Village of Ferndale. Other things to do while in Ferndale could include catching a live show downtown at the Ferndale Repertory Theater, checking out the many interesting shops that line main street, or explore the various national and state parks of the Humboldt County region. As the Portuguese proverb says, “for each mouth, a different soup”… Humboldt County offers exactly that, something for everyone.


Bom Apetite!   


images-1Looking for a fun, family friendly way to explore some of the most beautiful places here on the North Coast?  As a parent I am personally always looking for new and exciting ways to get my little one engaged with the natural environment and also ways to really get her excited about learning more about nature. I feel very lucky to live on the North Coast, an area with so much opportunity to connect with nature. This is also an area where many local organizations create amazing programs that are specifically geared to get our youth outdoors and exploring the natural world around us.

The Humboldt County Office of Education recently created an exciting and interactive way for us families with children to to get outside and explore. Taking place at many of our many amazing local area parks here on the North Coast, Redwood Edventure Quests are basically scavenger hunts that are lead by interpretive clues. Participants can pick up brochures containing the clues at each of the participating park’s visitor centers. These clues lead participants through the park to where they eventually find the “final phrase” which can be brought back to the visitor center in order to receive an actual Redwood Edventures Patch. And let me tell you, having been a girl scout myself I personally know the significance of a patch and it is indeed great… but we all know the experience that comes with it is usually much greater. Redwood Edventure Quests offered exactly that, theexperience of the redwood coast.

These quests are easy, fun, and educational for all ages. They usually last about 30 minutes to an hour. The Quests take place at 17 different park locations throughout the North Coast ranging from as far south as Richardson Grove, all the way to Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park in the north. Participants, both children and parents alike, get the chance to really observe the natural environment here and get to know about the flora and fauna, geology, animals, and natural history of the area.

For a map of participating park locations or for more information visit:

If you are planning a Redwood Park vacation or a Humboldt County vacation in general and would like to take part in the Edventure there are several vacation rentals near participating parks. Available are several vacations rentals in Trinidad as well as Crescent City vacation homes located close to the northernmost Quest locations as well as others further to the south such as the vacation homes in Ferndale. There are many other Humboldt County vacation homes available throughout the entire North Coast region. Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals even offers a couple of spectacular vacation homes super close to Redwood National Park which is definitely an Edventure Quest location not to be missed. Here are links to just a few of these Humboldt County vacation homes and Redwood National Park vacation homes…

Prairie Beach Home – Beautiful Farm Setting wth Ocean & Beach Views & Access

Upscale & Authentic: Stone Lagoon Cabin-Gaze at Wild Elk, Hike to Beach

New Crescent City Beach House! Ocean & Beach Out Front Door! Great Views!

Trinidad Village Retreat – Great Sunroom and Patio – Walk to All

To see additional listings of Humboldt County vacation rentals that are available visit www.RedwoodCoast You can view photos of vacation homes, see maps, check rates and availability and make your reservations online today. Come and explore the Redwoods with us (and earn some super cool patches too)!




That is right! This now nationally known race which began as a winter training run for Humboldt State Track and Field runners many years ago will be celebrating its 50th anniversary this coming January 2015. This 8 ¾ mile run actually begins about 2 miles north of the town of Trinidad CA, which for those of you that are unfamiliar, is a quaint seaside village located directly off of Highway 101 about 285 miles north of San Francisco. This former whaling village sits poised atop a rugged stretch of the Northern California coastline and is recognized for its breathtaking scenery, its many pristine beaches and of course the majestic redwood forest that surrounds it.

396220_10151244055405182_1287427279_nThe setting definitely makes for a spectacular run location but the Trinidad to Clam Beach run also boasts a very unique course as well. The varying topography of this race includes paved road with zero incline, slight hills, packed wet sands, and even a river crossing at the mouth of the Little River at Moonstone Beach where runners ditch their shoes and go barefoot during the remainder of the race. After the river crossing, runners continues along Clam Beach to the finish line at Strawberry Creek where they are greeted by a huge bon fire which warms their toes just perfectly after having drudged through the chilly river water.

All of this fun is sponsored by the Greater Trinidad Chamber of Commerce and profits from the run support the Chamber’s scholarship fund. Registration postmarked or paid online on or before Dec. 31 2014 is $25. Registration made Jan. 1-Jan.28, 2015 is $30 and the weekend of the run (Jan. 30-31, 2015) registration goes up to $35. And don’t worry if 8 ¾ miles seems like a bit too much for you, a 3 mile and 5 ¾ mile run have been added. The course starting and ending points vary slightly for the shorter runs but allow runners of differing levels a chance to participate in this great event. The start time as well as the date of the run is determined by the height of the tide but this year the race is being schedule for Saturday January 31st. For more detailed information visit

And remember if you are coming from out of the area to take part in this epic run and are still searching for a Trinidad CA vacation rentals, Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals has several vacation homes in Trinidad as well as in the nearby surrounding areas. We can surely help you find a Trinidad vacation rentals that suits your needs best and conveniently locates you near the run’s course. As a leader in vacation rentals in Northern California, Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals offers the most comfortable, luxurious, and breathtaking homes Trinidad CA has to offer. Below is a list of links to vacations homes in Trinidad. You can click on the links to get more information, see photos, check rates and availability, and make reservations online today. Let us surround you in the pristine splendor of the Redwood Coast during the 50th Annual Trinidad to Clam Beach Run!

Clam Beach House 3 bedrooms, 2 ba, ocean and beach view, walk to huge beach!

Trinidad Village Retreat – Great Sunroom and Patio – Walk to All

Harbor Heights – Ocean & Bay Views with Beach Trail and Jacuzzi

Seawoods Farmhouse 2 Bdrm home on 5 acres, short walk to Patricks Point Park

Seascape – 3 Bedrooms at Trinidad Harbor + Suite

Westgate-Japanese A-Frame – Ocean Views, Hot Tub, Large Deck, Privacy

West of Haven-nestled in the redwoods near moonstone beach



TABLE_crabsThe winter months are typically a slower time of year for tourism here on the North Coast. As the rain sets in and the colder weather patters prevail we see less and less out of area visitors trickling in. However making the journey the Humboldt County during this time of year can be great for many reasons. Some folks come to the area specifically during winter months for whale watching, which is best during late winter (December-January). Others come during winter in order to avoid the summertime crowds that are drawn to Redwood National Park and other local area State Parks. They come seeking the increased solitude that winter months offer as this is typically a quieter time of year for exploration in the parks. And if you happen to be a seafood lover, yet another great reason to visit the Humboldt County during winter is for the Dungeness Crab.

Yes, this delectable crustacean’s name may come from a port that is located in the state of Washington, but the Dungeness Crab is a world renowned delicacy heavily associated with the local seafood industry here on California’s North Coast. December 1st officially marked the first day of the 2014-2015 crab season and Eureka’s port, the largest between San Francisco and Puget Sound, is already alive and bustling with activity centered around its commercial crabbing boats. The season will run all the way through July 2015, but it is during the height of this year’s crab season in February, that Eureka Main Street will be celebrating this North Coast delicacy with their first annual Eureka Crab Crawl Festival.

This 3-Day event will be held in Downtown and Old Town Eureka from February 6th-8th, 2015. The first evening of the festival (Friday the 6th) will be organized somewhat like an extended happy hour with many different restaurants and businesses featuring seafood specials and crab-themed cocktails. Saturday February 7th will switch into full-blown festival mode. Street vendors will be offering a variety of food choices. There will be music, crab related education, activities and demos, and of course a beer and wine garden featuring many of our local award wining micro-brews and wines. On Sunday the 8th the festival will culminate with the Humboldt Bay Maritime Museum’s annual crab feed being held at the Adorni Center which is located right on the waterfront in Eureka. This event will surely be fun for the entire family. It is so great to see this local treasure, the Dungeness Crab, being showcased in such fun and major way. Although this is only the first of what will be an annual event, I can already say with confidence that the Eureka Crab Crawl will surely be one of those “not to be missed” reasons to travel to Humboldt County during winter month in years to come.

And also, for those actually lookingDawn-at-Woodley-Island-480 to go out crabbing, Eureka’s Woodley Island Marina offers many sport crab trips. These trips generally last two hours and departure times can vary depending on the tide. The following is a list of several available charters:

Reel Steel Sport Fishing (707) 442-7115

Green Water’s Shellback Fishing  (707) 845-9588

Full Throttle Sport Fishing (707) 498-7473

So if you are planning a Humboldt County Vacation and would like to take part in the crustacean celebration and need a place to stay in Eureka that is close to Old Town Eureka, Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals has several spectacular waterfront properties available, as well as many units right in the heart of historic Old Town Eureka. Some of our properties even have crab pots provided on site for guest use…all you have to do is bring the bait!

We at Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals pride ourselves on accommodating you in the most comfortable, luxurious, and breathtaking vacation rentals Humboldt County has to offer. Below are links to just a few of our many Eureka vacation rentals. Click to see photos as well as to check rates and availability and make your reservations online with us today …..

Oyster Beach Escape on 14 Private Acres & 1 Mile of Beach

The Loft @ Oyster Beach – on 14 private acres

Mid Century Beach House @ Oyster Beach

Bay Lights on First Street in Historic Old Town, Eureka

Old Town Eureka’s Only Modern Loft! Crafted with Salvaged Redwood – Inspiring

Shell Cottage on Humboldt Bay in King Salmon – Dock in Backyard! Clean & New

Euro Flat – Beautifully appointed, European-style flat in Historic Building

New! Elegant French Apartment in Old Town Eureka featured on HGTV